Trees and Shrubs

Depending on the time of year, trees and shrubs will need different care. Our technicians will use their expertise to create a plan just for you to keep them healthy, pest free and looking their best. BOSS Outdoor Solutions will monitor and treat:

Just like your plants and grass, trees and shrubs need regular fertilization. We will make sure that each variety has the specific nutrients they need.

Insects, Pests and Disease
We will watch for signs of stress and damage caused by insects, pests, and disease. With the devastating impact of Emerald Ash Borer, we will pay special attention to your Ash trees. Ash trees can also be pre-treated by our experts at BOSS to prevent the Ash Borer from moving in and devastating your tree(s).

Natural Issues
Poor drainage, not enough or too much sun, and encroaching plants can all limit growth. If any of these are found, we can work with you to create the best plan to eliminate the problem.

Whether it’s pruning*, mulching, or staking, we’ll let you know exactly what your tree or shrub needs to show all its glory.

If your yard is bare of trees, planting shrubs, shade trees, evergreens, and even fruit trees can add value and benefits to your home. We can work with you to create a planting plan that is aesthetically pleasing and beneficial. Depending on your needs and the size of your yard, you can see benefits such as:

  • Help controlling the temperature inside and outside of your home
  • Increasing privacy
  • Providing shade to enjoy
  • Cleansing the air around your property
  • Improving the appeal and value of your property
  • Producing delicious fruit for years to come
  • Adding pops of color to your landscape
*For safety purposes we are unable to prune trees higher than a 12′ ladder.