2D & 3D Advantage

Imagine wanting the outdoor living space of your dreams, but you just can’t quite picture it. At BOSS, we have the solution. Our landscaping experts can generate 2D and 3D presentations of your ideas, and can quickly make changes and updates until everything is just the way you want it. Imagine seeing what your landscaping design will look like before ever breaking ground. We can do that! Call BOSS today so that we can get started on the outdoor space of your dreams.

3D Design Software allows a sneak peek

From start to finish, we are able to capture the homeowners vision and create a graphic design of what their finished product would look like.  As you can see, the benefit is in making changes before the installation occurs.  This homeowner decided to change some of the scope and end up with an outdoor living space they loved. 

The homeowner was dealing with a lot of overgrowth and an unpleasant landscape design.

Our 3D Uvision Design program allowed them to see what the finished design would look like, before our shovel even hit the dirt.

By having the ability to see what it is going to look like like before the project starts, allows the homeowner to make changes to the design. This avoids costly changes after the installation has taken place.

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