What is Aeration and Why is it Important

Aeration is the process of removing and releasing small cores of soil from your lawn. Soil that is grown from sod, grown after new construction, or soil in high traffic areas (such as back yards) is highly compacted. This tight compaction can prevent roots from sprawling out and growing deep, which will ultimately keep airflow, water, and nutrients from reaching them. Once aeration is completed, roots will naturally grow towards the core holes created during the aeration process. These holes become the channel for the much needed air, water, and nutrients the root system need to flourish.

Does your lawn need aerating?

There are many signs that your lawn needs aerated. These include:

  • If your grass turns brown quickly during dry weather
  • If water puddles on your lawn after rain
  • If the lawn gets a lot of use such as from children or pets
  • If your lawn was established from sod
  • If your grass was planted after new construction
  • If the thatch layer is thicker than one-half inch
  • If you have difficulty sticking a screwdriver or a pencil into soil
  • If the grass is thin, patchy, or bare grass