BOSS Lawn care

A vibrant and healthy lawn consists of more than just mowing. Beautiful lawns are created through regular fertilization, aeration, weed control, and much more. When you don’t have the time or energy to nurture your lawn, call BOSS to service and beautify your yard, so you can spend your time enjoying it.

Some people think lawn care services are typcially expensive, but consider how much you actually spend on doing lawn care yourself. Buying products for your yard, fixing and maintaining your lawn mower/trimmers, and buying other tools… it all adds up! When all considered, the cost of BOSS lawn care services are comparable to doing the work yourself, so why waste your time when we can do it for you? And don’t forget, a well maintained yard and landscape can add value to your home which translates to money in your pocket.

Leaf Removal

We all know that fall foliage is beautiful. However, once leaves fall to the ground, getting them cleaned up in a timely manner is extremely important to the health of your yard. Allowing a blanket of leaves to remain on the ground can suffocate your grass and keep it from getting the nutrients and water it needs. BOSS Outdoor can help protect your lawn by cleaning up, and removing the leaves that would otherwise threaten the health of your yard and plant beds.

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Mowing & Edging

When people first move into their home, most are excited about the yardwork waiting for them. Over time the feeling of excitement diminishes and reality sets in. Lawn work means weekends are no longer free, and downtime becomes harder to find. This is when BOSS comes to the rescue! Let us create a scheduled plan for your yard to make sure it gets the time and attention it needs, while giving you the time and yard you deserve.


Aeration is the process of creating small holes in your yard to help airflow, water, and nutrients reach the roots of your lawn. Learn more about aeration and whether your lawn is in need of aerating.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

An important step in achieving the lush green lawn is a fertilization and weed control program. But knowing what, when and how much to apply can be confusing. Here at BOSS we take out the guess work and provide you with a lawn that is the talk of the neighborhood. Learn more about the benefits of lawn fertilization and weed control.

Spring & Fall Clean Up

When the seasons change and yard clean up time approaches, let us be the BOSS of your yard. Our team of professionals will do what it takes to beautify your yard for the season to come. Learn more about our spring and fall clean up services.

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

When life gets busy and you would rather spend the grilling and outdoor season creating memories, let us be the BOSS of your yard. Our team of professionals will come out four times per year and make sure your lawn and flowerbeds look like you spend every day maintaining them. We are leaders in lawn and landscape maintenance, in and around the Des Moines, Johnston, Urbandale, Grimes areas. To learn more about this specialty service, and all that is offered, click here.