BOSS Landscaping

Outdoor living is part of Iowa living. By adding landscaping to your home, you can expand your outdoor living space by hundreds of square feet, while giving you and your family more reason to spend time outdoors. We can help you plan and create your outdoor dream space. Our specialists at BOSS Outdoor are experts in creating patios, retaining walls, rock beds, edging, fire pits and more. And because we use UniVision 3D Landscape Creator, you can see your plan before we even break ground on your project.

Natural stone can be a subtle compliment to your yard or an eye-catching feature. Depending on the look you want, we will work with you to achieve your dream. We offer a wide variety of colors, styles, and shapes of stones and pavers.

We use a wide variety of stone types, colors, and textures from concrete and stone pavers to create your dream landscape including:

  • Block retaining walls
  • Stone retaining walls
  • Boulder walls
  • Rock beds
  • Fire pits
  • Natural stone/concrete edgers

Landscape Edging

A well designed yard or garden consists of different shapes, forms and purposes that typically include such things as flower beds, sitting areas, pathways and more. Using landscape edging in your design not only helps define each area and lead the eye to a focal point, but also helps keep everything in place.

Landscape edging can be made from stone, brick, rocks, wood, or fencing. If you don’t have landscape edging, we can work with you to choose the style that best fits your landscape and then install it for you. We can also update, repair, and maintain any edging you already have in place.

Let us add the landscaping that will enhance your exterior space’s character and visual appeal. Call now to start planning your dream landscape project.